Sport Unit

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Sports Unit

In the field of professional social work students should know about a different sector of information.  As well as professional social worker should be a multi dynamic personality.  For the personality development of student our Jawaharlal Nehru College of Social work Cidco New Nanded has started Sports Cellsince 2000-2001. For sound mind and sound body college established Sports Cell.

Objectives of Sports Cell:-

  • To inform students about various sports competition .
  • To participate the student in inter college and inter university sports competition.
  • Students personality development in sports field.
  • Give opportunity to students education with sports field.
  • Give opportunity to students in sports at Higher education level.
  • To inspire the students on National, State, Regional level of sports competition.
  • Integrated approach to sports and professional social work.
  • Organize various sports competitions accordingly in Annual Social Gathering. Etc.

Sports cell has worked on different types of attitude development. The beginning period students did not know about sports competition. In 21st century as modern era sports competition is important.  Thus our college of social work introduce sports cell.

For overall personality development of student, college has taken an initiative to avail sports material (equipment) for the concerned purpose.

At Inter college and Inter University level, students have furnished their sports skills and awarded for their respective sports/games.  Each academic year sports cell participated in six types of sports competition among which many students get opportunity to prove themselves. For the sake of being competition properly this work is done under instructions of head of sport cell Mr. Reddy V.S. and Mr.Goinwad S.S.

Participation of student for Sports Competition in each academic year is as follows:


Sr.No        Academic year                No. of               No. of
                                                         Participated      Winners
1.           2000-2001                           01                       —
2.           2001-2002                           00                      —
3.           2002-2003                           01                      —
4.           2003-2004                           01                     —
5.           2004-2005                           07                     —
6.           2005-2006                           02                     02
7.           2006-2007                           10                     01
8.           2007-2008                           05                     —
9.           2008-2009                           06                     02
10.      2009-2010                           03                     01
11.      2010-2011                           07                     04
12.      2011-2012                           09                      —
13.      2012-2013                           10                     01
14.      2013-2014                           05                     03
15.      2014-2015                           16                     01
16.      2015-2016                           02                     02


Among college, each year Annual Social Gathering contains different sports competition for let an opportunity to students.  As well as each player or group of player group of player get awarded by respected Chief guest.