Student Disciplinary Rule

Student Discipline Rules

  • Every student of the college must have on Identity Card & it should keep always with him/her.
  • Student should complete compulsory 80% attendance those does not follow this rule he/she will not allowed to for final examination of University.
  • Every student must compulsory wear uniform on Monday & Tuesday in every week.
  • Student should maintain conducive and healthy environment.
  • Student should maintain healthy atmosphere by polite obedient behavior in the premises of the college.
  • Student should put forth their problems grievances, difficulties, before Administration in a proper peaceful manner.
  • Student should not make interactions in class room while teaching faculty.
  • In leisure time student not make crowed in corridor in leisure time they must take use of benefit of library.
  • Smoking, chewing Tabaco, Gutkka & other bad habbits etc. will be strictly prohibited in the premises of the college.
  • Student must attend curricular, Co-Curriculer & extracurricular, extension activities organized by the college