Study tour


A study tour is a part and parcel of the field work to training in social work education.  It is compulsory for final year students as a part of social work training.  Study tour help and encourage students to understand the realities in society, both sociological and social work aspects must be covered as forced possible we organised important institutional visit ideal villages or community development projects, government and non government funding agencies also included.  Besides this creation general relevant ideas may also be included like social cultural changes in the places / regions visited exchange of ideas and exposure to group life.

Objectives of study tour

  • To provide and opportunity to the students to have a group experience to express their views and to exchange ideas and concepts regarding social aspects and social life.
  • To provide and opportunity to study the social cultural changes, values, social practice and phenomena in different parts of the country.
  • To enable the students to meet eminent personalities in the field of social work to interact with them learn from expriences.
  • To the study different ideal of social development sources of national and international funds methods techniques skills used by the people in imlplementing different type of projects.
  • To enable students to visit ideal villages community development project social welfare organisations, social institutions so, that they can learn the relevent methods, techniques and skills.
  • To understand the procedures and methods followed in different kinds of funding agencies in different parts of the country.
  • To observe and collect information from various sources etc.

Students shoud use the following techniques to collect information from the places which are to be visited.

  • Observation and discussions.
  • Interactions and collections.
  • Documentation and recording.
  • Photographs and nothing.



In professional social work thearotical knowledge and Field work has got special importance as social work is considerad as a profestion. Field work is an integral part of social work education field work training gives an exposure to the students to relate throry into practice. Through field work students are expected to deal with social problems, they get acquainted with learning by doing method by practicing social work methods such as case work, group work, community work etc.

Main Fcaturs of field work;

  • Field work is based on learning by doing method.
  • Guidance has provided to apply social work knowledge in the society by agency supervisor, field work supervisor to the students.
  • Various skills & abilities of students has developed through field work activities.
  • Filed work provides an approunity to the student to relate theory into practice.

Objectives of field work:

  • Students are enabled to develop analytical & observation skills about social realities.
  • Students are expected to identify needs of individual, social prostems and social issues.
  • They are enabled to critically anaslyse, social legislation, social problems, process, policies etc.
  • Students has to learn programme management for field work activities.
  • They have to develop public relation, proples panticipation, needs of prople through field work activities.
  • Develops ability to deal with human resource management and needs welfare administration for the welfare and development of society.
  • Ability to relate theory in to practice.
  • Ability to imbibe and inculcate ethices and values and social work.

Activities carried out as field work:

  • Orientation visit
  • School setting social work
  • Concurrent field work placement
  • Rural/Tribal camps
  • Study tour
  • Block placement