Rural Social Work Camp


Social work camps help the student in understanding the core or rural as well as tribal life, their problems and needs help them in preparing a plan for social work practice and community development.

Tribal and rural social work camps are unique in nature and scope are organised by the studends under the guidance of the faculty members, they visit the propose places and identify the needs and interest of the people through professional interactions.

Objectives of social work camp

  • To make the students understand the tribal and rural social system and community living.
  • To study the rural social problems and approaches and strategies of intervention adopted.
  • To study the impact of technology and western culture on lives of tribal and rural community.
  • To understand the working influence of social institutions like joint family system, marrage, caste panchayat and gram panchayat on the life pattern of people.
  • To understand and asses the role of rural and tribal organisation specially for social development.
  • To assess the student the learning through the experiences in group living so as to develop their social responsibility.

Programmes activities in social work camp.

  • Survey are conducted to identify the needs of community to provide professional help to individuals group and community.
  • Social work technique i.e. case work, group work, community organisation, social work action, social work research and social action are use to render professional services.
  • Programmes like plantations, shramdans, medical camps etc. are undertaken as a part of the service activities of the camp.
  • Exhibition of posters on social issues stagiers street play, organising rallies,morchas etc. are used as tool for influencing opinion of the community regarding bad custums and work traditions.
  • Counselling services are render to help the needy.